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New Age Vol.4 No.4358 Aug. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.3058 May. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.2958 May. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.2458 Apr. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.1858 Feb. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.1758 Feb. 1958
Natal Room/Gerhard Mare Collection: Workers of the City Engineer's Department marching down Old Fort Road in impi style on their way to the Department's HQ to demand higher wages

Black and white print 20.1 x 25.3


NAAWU slams employers` plan to "erode" wages
Municipal workers march
Motorvia workers strike blow against exploitation
Minutes of the Black Sash National Conference held at Durban

Minutes of the Black Sash National Conference held at Durban on 15 to 18 October 1973, discussing: Malnutrition Survey, magazine, finances, regional reports, minutes of previous conference, migrant labour, wages, labour laws, Campaign on African Women, resettlement, tax for Black people, domestic

Mineworkers at the bottom of wages ladder
Miners square up for a battle for a living wage
Miners demand living wages from the Chamber of Mines
Migratory labour: depressed wages
Metal workers push for higher wages after IC sell out
Metal talks and MAWU's national wage campaign
Memorandum to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

It is the intention of the Committee to submit the following memorandum in the form of the general statement on the conditions prevalent amongst the Indian working classes and to......

Massive wage increase
Management attitudes to living wage are wrong and unfair, says COSATU


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