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Working on the mines is no picnic!

During the first six months of this year, more than 100 000 miners have taken strike action over wages, bad and unsafe working conditions and the harassment of shaft stewards.

Workers' advice column: Your pay slip
Workers with progressive structures
Workers win living wage
Workers of the world unite against the Chamber
Workers of Scottish cables

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Workers make gains in RPM negotiations
Workers get chance to gain higher wages
Workers face guns

Armed white security guards confronted CWIU members at Triomf's Richards Bay plant when they attempted to discuss with the factory manager his 'first and final' wage offer of a 5 percent wage increase.

Workers demand a share of "the rain" which falls at Suncrush even during the drought
Workers demand a living wage

A booklet created by the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (CCAWUSA) which explains how companies are controlled and how shareholders get money from shares. It also talks about workers demands, the increase of the wages and their rights to strike.

Workers at Wage Board
Workers advice column: Overtime
Worker participation - reply to Martin Nicol
Work In Progress No 76, Jul-Aug 1991
Work In Progress No 53 April/May 1988
Work In Progress No 52
Women workers: "Men's wages should be higher"
Women in medicine
What kind of socialism for South Africa

Socialist survey.


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