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South African Labour Bulletin Volume 9 Number 7 June 1984

South African Labour Bulletin is a refereed journal which supports the democratic labour movement in South Africa. It is a forum for analysing, debating and recording the aims and activities of this movement. The focus of this issue is on Health and Safety.

Stark realities: the significance of June 26th
Strike rules
Sweeping the streets of KwaMashu
Textile Workers Want a Living Wage
The African industry
The Black Sash Durban Advice Office: Report to National Conference 1976

The Black Sash Durban Advice Office Report to National Conference on 16 March 1976 discussing Case Statistics, wages, Trade Unions, worker's rights, housing, employment insurance fund, workmen's compensation act, work permits, legal assistance.

The bosses get richer, the workers get poorer
The Elementary Programme of African Nationalism
The Frame strike
The great conspiracy. Part 1: The story of the Chamber of Mines

It is customary today for the Transvaal Chamber of Mines to surround itself with a mantle of benevolence and philanthropy.

The living wage campaign is not seperate from the struggles workers are waging every day - it is meant to strengthen them!
The longest strike is over
The NATS must GO

The Natal Protest Week Committee

The Role of the Wages Commissions
The stevedore's ban on overtime
The strikes in Durban
The workers demand a living wage
Three metal unions reject "final" offer
Trial of strength


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