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The 1949 Durban riots

The object will be to investigate inter-group relations between Africans and Indians within the community, and to trace these relations to the outbreak of

Terrorists, Guerillas, Freedom Fighters - And Other Things That go Bump in the Night
Tension in Ikageng
Telegram van H Leer

Telegram, bearing the stamp of the Secretariate, State Security Council, Pretoria, about recent unrest incidents around South Africa, with numbers of unrest incidents reported in the various provinces. Some text has been blacked out.

Techniques of revolt
Such Tragedies are Inevitable Outcome of Verwoerd's Crazy Vision
Stuyco organising the community
Studying violence in a South African city
Stop the violence or talks are off - ANC warns government
Stop the killing
Stop press
Statement on week of National Mass Action against violence in Natal

Statement made after the war in natal that has cost the lives of over three thousand people, homeless people and misery and suffering brought to the millions of the people living there.

Statement of General Secretary of South African Council of Churches, Bishop Desmond Tutu, October 11, 1979

The statement of the General Secretary of the South African Council Of Churches made on October 11, 1979 regarding the serious allegations against SACC made by Louis le Grange, Minister of Police and Prisons.

Statement issued by the Natal Indian Congress

The prime responsibility for the serious and unprecedented wave of violence in Durban leading to the loss of hundreds of lives and mass destruction of Statement issued by the Natal Indian Congress...

Sparg sets out ANC policy on violence
Southern African Catholic Bishop Conference: letter form Margaret Kelly to all Archbishops/ Bishops

This is the letter from Margaret Kelly to all Bishops and Archbishops of Justice and Peace Commission briefing them about non violence action and the defiance campagn in 10 August 1989.

South African repression - who does it affect, Christian or non-Christian?
South Africa's knife-edge

Article about violence in South Africa bringing about partition by force.

Some Conclusions on the Natal Violence


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