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Editorial: After the Bomb
Editorial: Violence in Church and State
Internal destabilisation
On violence and the news media
Trying to diffuse violence
Hostel war: organise - or die
Hostel war: searching for an alternative to hell
Sparg sets out ANC policy on violence
Programme of Mass Action against Natal violence continues

Press statement regarding the programme of mass action against Natal violence and the organisations are determined to continue with their programme of mass action for peace, until the government takes decisive steps to end this violence.

Statement on week of National Mass Action against violence in Natal

Statement made after the war in natal that has cost the lives of over three thousand people, homeless people and misery and suffering brought to the millions of the people living there.

Call for peace

Statement calling for peace as the past years was characterised by the most brutal violence unleashed agaisnt people as all peace-loving South Africans are still deeply touched by the carnage that gripped the country.

United Democratic Front/African National Congress/COSATU press statement

Press statement issued by the United Democratic Front, African National Congress and Congress of South African Trade Unions regarding the township's violence which started on July 22 1990.

Women take a stand against violence
The Black Sash National Conference presidential Address held at Cape Town, 1991

Opening Address by National President Mary Burton at the Black Sash National Conference held at Cape Town on 1 March 1991, discussing: Reconstruction, dismantling Apartheid, violence, making of a constitution, Bill of Rights, access to land.

Victoria Mxenge
Death strikes as miners face bullets, batons and teargas
Death comes in gangs
'Vilgilante violence illegitimate'
Renegades' reign of terror is challenged


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