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Notice of Conference of Core Forces on violence in Natal

Notice of Conference of Core Forces on violence in Natal, this conference was a replacement of a postpones Peace Conference that was supposed to take place.

United Democratic Front National Workshop

Notes adopted at the United Democratic Front National Workshop which took place in April 1990 in Cape Town regarding Natal violence, dual power, future of the United Democratic Front and recommendations

"We the SSRC condemn...," handwritten statement

This handwritten statement of condemnation contains eight points including that of the detentions of BPA members and the violent actions of the police force.

Now Cape Town...Now Langa too is burning

The circular informs University of Cape Town students of a mass meeting to be held in response to the political turmoil that had begun to affect Cape Town. The government asks for law and order in an unlawful state. The meeting calls for solidarity with all victims of apartheid violence.

Role of riot police in the burnings and killings, Nyanga, Cape Town, Christmas 1976

Circular from the Christian Institute of Southern Africa containing personal eye-witness accounts of the role of riot police in provoking violence in Cape Town over the Christmas period in 1976.

Studying violence in a South African city
International responses by medical and psychological personnel to organised violence
Public violence in the townships: what can we, as health workers, do?
SAHSSO's victims of violence, torture and rehabilitation programme: a response
Violence resource list
Violence in South Africa: on the increase in the 1990s
The impact of political violence on health and health services in Cape Town, 1986
Violence prevention through community development: the Centre for Peace Action Model
Violence in the family: issues in the counselling of battered women
An anti-apartheid activist speaks on violence
Violence: introduction to personal accounts of a victim and a perpetrator
First phase of civil war has started
Mass mobilisation, boycotts, stayaways, marches, recruitment and training for Umkhonto we Sizwe: the result - violence and intimidation


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