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Festus Iyayi
Statement issued by the Natal Indian Congress

The prime responsibility for the serious and unprecedented wave of violence in Durban leading to the loss of hundreds of lives and mass destruction of Statement issued by the Natal Indian Congress...

Instrument of Thy Peace
The Long View: John Harris, Contact vol 8, no. 4
Urban Violence and the Textures of Everyday life in Post-apartheid South Africa

There is a great deal of literature on crime and violence in post-apartheid South Africa.

Realities of Angolan struggle

On the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Angolan struggle for independence, the Portuguese are again officially denying the winds of change experienced by the rest of Africa and threatening in Angola.

The advent of revolution

The great social convulsions of this decade, the post-Sharpeville period, reached their peak on the banks of Bashee River and in the slums of Paarl.

The New African: Volume 5, Number 9, November 1966
No crops without ploughing?

Reflections on Los Angeles and violence.

To the Editors

Letters to the editor.

The end of non-violence: first phase of an unfolding programme

Can South Africa be liberated without a violent struggle.

The end of non-violence: a tactic not a doctrine

Can South Africa be liberated without a violent struggle.

Comment: Malcom X

Violent and non-violent struggle.

Through Shakepspeare's Africa

Looking at the parallels between Shakespeare's Elizabethan world and the turbulence of urban African life.

Providing for Sabotage

The General Law Amendment Bill replaces one political paradox by another.

South Africa's knife-edge

Article about violence in South Africa bringing about partition by force.

The New African: Volume 1, Number 3, March 1962
The Cry of Reason AND Namibia on the Brink


Marxism and Violence: 1. Different Kinds of Violence
Editorial: More Violence


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