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Letter from Sheila to Phyllis Naidoo

Well this is going to be a great surprise to you - receiving a letter from me.

Letter from Sivi to Phyllis Naidoo

It seems such a long time since I have heard from you and I do miss your letters.

Mountview High School Opening

New school in the Verulam suburb - Mountview School

Mr Amithab Rajbansi

Mr Rajbansi amongst the audience at an event

Mr G S Subban

Mr Subban speaking at the event at the 50th Anniversary in Verulam

Mr Swigelaar and others at the 50th Anniversary function in Verulam

50th Anniversary function at Verulam

Mr Swigelaar at a fuction in Verulam

50th Anniversary function in Verulam

Mr Swigelaar at an event in Verulam

50th Anniversary event at Verulam

Mr Swigelaar presented with a gift

Presentation of a gift to Mr Swigelaar

Mr Swigelaar speakeing at the event

Guest speaker at the 50th Anniversary in Verulam

Presentation of flowers at the event in Verulam

Presentation at the 50th anniversary in Verulam

Shree Siva Subramanior Alayam in Verulam

From a very humble beginning with a wood and iron structure established in 1900, the community in Verulam can now be proud of a well planned institution comprising the temple and community hall to which is attached a dining room.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool in Verulam



Verulam Cadets

Verulam cadets

Verulam main street

One hundred and twenty-eight years ago, a Cape Town-based company purchased 30 000 acres Crown lands on the banks of the Umdhloti River from the Natal

Women's Association In Verulam

The most active groups of housewives in Verulam are the Verulam Maathar Sungam. which is involved in cultural and religious activities and the Verulam and District Women's Circle,


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