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Namibian independence talks: Meeting at the Mulungushi Conference Hall, Lusaka, 11-13 May 1984

Report on Namibian independence talks, and implementation of UN Security Council 435, held in Lusaka in May 1984.

Natal Indian Congress - monthly meeting of Executives

Meeting Agenda - 01 May 1949

Minutes of previous meeting - 3 April 1949

Natal Indian Congress Resolution Fourth Annual Conference held on the 1st and 2nd of October 1950


New Age Vol.8 No.30 May. 1962
New Constitution early days 1979

Newspaper, Miscellaneous, 1979.

Observer Delegation Report: Brazzaville Talks, 25-28 September 1988

Report on talks held in Brazzaville with regard to negotiations for the elections, logistics and other preparations for Namibian independence as well as national reconciliation and economic development.

Obstacles to free and fair elections in Namibia

UN Resolution 435, which provided for free and fair elections in Namibia, was implemented on 1 April 1989. A Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and a UN Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) were responsible for the supervision and control of this process .

Passive Resistance - 50th Anniversary

Exactly 50 years ago to this day, a gallant group of men and women defied the latest racist laws inflicted upon one of our disenfranchised peoples.

Payment voucher and invoice for Reality
Peter Brown/Reality Collection: The United Nations flag in a liberated village

Black and white print 18.6 x 20.3

Poll watchers hail from near and far
Problems of the Congress Movement

A memorandum regarding the African National Congress position in the liberation struggle in South Africa with a call for the strengthening of inter-Congress co-operation at all levels

Project on African Nationlism

African Nationalism  is fast becoming an undesirahle force in the wcrld today

Pushing democracy a la United Nations
Report of Executive Committee submitted to Working Committee meeting held on Sunday, 19th November 1950 at 10a.m.

Working Committee Meeting

South Africa Human Rights and Civil Disobedience
South Africa is main base of imperialism

Speech delivered by I B Tabata to the Fourth Committee of the United Nations.

South Africa Now, Show No 211

Transcript of news regarding the transition to Namibian independence, broadcast on South Africa Now

South Africa's controversy with the United Nations
South West Africa


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