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Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

You have me green like one of your lettuces over the beautiful garden at your place.

The Tugela mouth from the head quarters camp.

The Tugela mouth from the head quarters camp

Monument to Inniskilling Fusiliers who fell at Tugela, Deceber 1899-February 1900

Sepia print 6 x 8.7cm

Boer sangars on Kitchener's Hill. Pieter's Hill on the right. Tugela and Monte Christo in the distance, Colenso area

Sepia print 4.7 x 17.4 cm faded

Tugela at Colenso. Grobelaar's Kloof

Sepia print 5 x 17.6cm faded

Tugela wagon bridge from the opposite side, Colenso. Blown up by naval guns on Gun Hill, 4.5 miles away. Tugela wagon bridge destroyed by the British, 1900

Sepia print 7.2 x 10cm faded

Tommies working in the Tugela

Sepia print 9.9 x 7.1cm

Tugela falls

Tugela falls- Natal

Tugela River

The river mouth

Tugela River

The river as seen from the Natal bank.

Tugela River

The boundary between Natal and Zululand.

Tuggla drift, lower

The pont in operation

Tuggla drift, lower

Put tied to Natal bank

Tuggla drift, lower

Shows wagon on the Natal bank under the ultimatum tree

Tugela drift, lower

The pontoon bridge seen from the natal bank.

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