Treasure Beach

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At a beach cottage, Treasure beach, 1958.

Seated: Errol Shanley; 3rd George Sewpersad and members of the NIC & TIC

At Treasure Beach

From left: Dr Monty Naicker; 'Coetzee' Naicker (brother of MP) with fist raised; Yakoob Khan; Prem Meherchand; Debi Singh,seated

At a beach cottage, Treasure Beach, 1958.

Left: Billy Nair's sister

At a beach cottage , Treasure Beach, 1958

From left: NT Naicker's brother and wife; Mrs Peppy Rawat (Jhb); Billy Nair; Poomoney Moodley

At a beach cottage, Treasure Beach (owned by Parmesir of Sasco Sweets

From left:Sonny Morgan (Crimson League); Lalla (Lalla Textiles); Errol Shanley; Mohan; Poomoney Moodley (seated)

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