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New Age Vol.4 No.4358 Aug. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.45 Aug. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.5058 Oct. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.5258 Oct. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.957 Dec. 1957
New Age Vol.5 No.158 Oct. 1958
New Age Vol.5 No.21 Mar. 1959
New Age Vol.7 No.25 Apr. 1961
Notes on Lutuli
Notes on Mandela
Notes on Matthews
Notes on Ngoyi
Notes on Winnie Mandela
Opening address for the defence
Preliminary analysis of structure of indictment

Trial proceeding of the preliminary analyses of structure of indictment regarding Vaal Triangle treason trial between the state versus Patrick Mabuya Baleka and others. All the accused were charged with all the offences set out in the indictment.

Rainbow Trial Plea
SA political press cuttings

Press cuttings

Save the six - don`t let them hang
Search warrant

Search warrant to search the United Democratic Front premises and to seize articles such as documents, minutes, correspondence, video-cassettes, related to the activities of the UDF, TIC, NIC,RMC, AYCO, SOYCO and FEDSAW with regard to the Commission of the offence of treason.

The Freedom Charter formed the basis of the charge when in December 1956, 156 leaders of the Congress Alliance were arrested & charged with high treason.

In 1956, their question was answered when 156 Congress leaders were arrested and put on trial for high treason. The swoop came in the early ...


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