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Students agree to protect bus drivers
Grassroots April 1982

A non-profit community newsletter.

Why there is a transport problem
Bus boycott turns into a horror story
Lamontville turns into a battlefield
Bus companies wash habds of drivers facing criminal charges
Transport workers to fight for shorter hours
We will not ride!

More than 60 000 workers living near Richards Bay and Empangeni have been boycotting Empangeni buses since January 14 in protest against the company's poor service.

Two year recognition battle won

The Transport and General Workers Union has finally won its two year recognition struggle with PUTCO with the signing of an agreement which will give it immediate recognition at the depots where the union has 50 per cent membership.

Fighting Talk Volume 11 Number 3 March 1957

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats

Fighting Talk Volume IX Number 1 January 1951

Fighting Talk - organ of the Springbok legion

The bus boycott
Unity brings bus victory
Turning the wheels
Truckers strike to win rights to national negotiations
Standing for the truth campaign

Circular on non-violence campaign about public transport system.

The Bus boycott
The Evaton riots
Bus boycott


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