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Letter from Gwen and Frank to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you for your letter and the newspaper cutting, showing Bill Morris, our Transport and General Workers Union secretary, lurking in your Sunday papers. We are pleased that he has visited your country, and spoken to your trade union members.

Ilizwi labasenzi kuqoqosho (article written in Xhosa language)
Security guards strike: industrial council victory for TGWU
Chris Dlamini renews call for unity
TGWU joins international federation
Wages talks grind to a halt
Municipal workers march
Normans Transport victory for TGWU
Overworked freight drivers stop work
Motorvia workers strike blow against exploitation
Little joy at Putco
Transport workers flock in

Goods transport workers are flocking to the Transport and General Workers Union and in the past four months the union has won a majority at eight new Transvaal companies.

R6 million pay out

There was great excitement in all Putco depots on July 19 when the company paid out over R6 million in backpay to workers.

TGWU signs first agreement with transport company
Two year recognition battle won

The Transport and General Workers Union has finally won its two year recognition struggle with PUTCO with the signing of an agreement which will give it immediate recognition at the depots where the union has 50 per cent membership.

Turning the wheels
Truckers strike to win rights to national negotiations
TGWU speaks about AIDS
18 records found.