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Notes on Mandela
Notes on Xuma
The Long View: The Ndamse Affair, Contact vol 9, no. 1
What Transkei Chiefs voted for: serfdom, rightlessness in "white" areas
Self rule in the Transkei: a monstrous fraud

The Bantu Authorities in Transkei have accepted a constitution, which the Unity Movement is unhappy about; to which this document ensures continued domination of the Transkei by the Republic of South Africa.

Trade union development in the Transkei: a victory for worker initiative and selforganisation
Fighting Talk Volume 16 Number 2 March 1962

Fighting Talk

Transkei Sham

Transkei Sham: statement published in the underground "Inkululeko-Freedom", February 1977, describes the reaction of the ANC to the granting of independence to the Transkei bantustan

Partitioning South Africa: some aspects of the "Bantustan" scheme
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