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The sins of the church are the sins of the Whites

Journal article. Note that the text is not clear.

The South African Reality

Journal article containing a speech presented by Desmond Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, to students at the University of Natal.

The Transvaal Gandhii Centenary Council
These are the Last Days
Transformation of the United Democratic Front

A brief contribution to the ongoing discussion on the transformation of the United Democratic Front.It focuses on a number of issues which represents what could become the broad orientation of the United Democratic Front.

Transformation of the United Democratic Front into a new broad Front

This article discusses the relevence of UDF, its future and the issue of UDF politics.

Transforming health and welfare services - problems and prospects
Transforming Itself: People's Power and Society in South Africa
Transforming social welfare: a radical approach
Transforming the state: health and health related sectors
`WHAT DO THEY KNOW OF CRICKET WHO ONLY CRICKET KNOW?': Transformation in South African Cricket, 1990-2000

This article charts developments in cricket during the past decade to explore issues related to social transformation and redress in post-apartheid South Africa.

“You've Struck a Rock”: Comparing Gender, Social Movements, and Transformation in the United States and South Africa

n the Montgomery bus boycott and the South African anti-pass campaign, women's autonomous organizations initiated actions that catalyzed the mass movements for racial justice and national liberation.


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