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Moving beyond slogans - transforming welfare in South Africa
New era of self-criticism
New needs, new Universities
New partnerships for learning
Of words that don`t come easy
On discipline

Booklet on discpline. According to UDF the concept of discipline arises from political conciousness.

Organisational Report - Provincial Secretary Cde. Sihle Zikalala

''Building A New Cadre -A Pillar For
The Second Phase Of The Revolution"

PEC Sub Committee programme of action
Pretoriastroika: who benefits?
RDP White Paper Discussion Document

Our country is going through a profound transformation at all levels of government and.....

Revolution in South Africa: An interview with Gerard Chaliand conducted by Professor Hermann Giliomee

Revolution in South Africa: An interview with Gerard Chaliand conducted by Professor Hermann Giliomee.

RReFF(regional, research, facilitation, function) REVIEW

Special Issue : Local Government

Schooled for success?
Security not an "impossible dream" if whites join majority
South Africa, 2000 A D: an exercise in crystal gazing
State must be engaged in schools` battle
Statement of the Deputy President of the African National Congress, Nelson Mandela, at the Opening of the ANC National Conference

Nelson Mandela's address to the opening of the African National Congress (ANC) National Conference, 2-7 July, 1991 in which he stated that the ANC must lead the process of democratic transformation and the Conference will enable ANC to formulate strategies to do this.

Tasks of the ANC in the present period

Memorandum listing the tasks of the African National Congress. Covers the nature of our society, the character of the struggle, the forces of transformation and the forms of struggle, the ANC and the masses and a mass programme of action. Prepared for a national ANC meeting.

The Long View: A Dubious Virgin - The Bantu Laws Amendment Bill, Contact vol 7, no. 4
The onslaught against us report by Broederkring executive

Report by Broederkring Executive on the discussions between the Broederkring and Black Churches in South Africa.


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