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ANC/UCT Position Paper proposals

Report of a meeting between the ANC and the University of Cape Town on the education crisis. Includes handwritten notes on a consultative meeting between the ANC, the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape.

Tasks of the ANC in the present period

Memorandum listing the tasks of the African National Congress. Covers the nature of our society, the character of the struggle, the forces of transformation and the forms of struggle, the ANC and the masses and a mass programme of action. Prepared for a national ANC meeting.

The South African Reality

Journal article containing a speech presented by Desmond Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, to students at the University of Natal.

The sins of the church are the sins of the Whites

Journal article. Note that the text is not clear.

Pretoriastroika: who benefits?
Of words that don`t come easy
Avoiding a new basis for social divisions
State must be engaged in schools` battle
Schooled for success?
Comment: Social reformers face no mean task
Economy sets pace for change
Hope springs eternal, but times are trying
Island of pain, island of hope
New partnerships for learning
Keeping hope alive
An even chance for future SA?
New era of self-criticism
Magic of a mix of cultures
Security not an "impossible dream" if whites join majority
New needs, new Universities


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