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Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

Alex Tetteh-Lartey introduced artists and music from Gambia. The exhibition of contemporary Gambian artists took place in the capital, Banjul. Toni Sise, Secretary General of the Club that organized the exhibition explained to Baboucar Gaye all.

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

This one is about the display of drumming skills by Maitre No-no's drummers at the Centre des Jeunes, Kinshasa, Zaire showing what they can do.

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

Lucy Duran ofthe British National Sound Archives and Farah Eissa Mohammed a TapeLibririan in the University of Khartoum's Institute of African and Asian Studies talk about popular music in Sudan.

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

This edition covers the modern Zairean music whis has become so persuasive and influential. Jim Fish visited the National Theatre of Zire in Kinshasa and spoke with Director, Citoyen Diyabanza.

Arts and Africa BBC African Service, London

Alhaji Dan Maraya is one of the best known and most highly regarded of Nigerian musicians.He's a Hausa from the North of the country, and he's won his reputation with nothing more than an utterly simple stringed instrument and the force of his own wit and personality.  

Arts and Africa BBC African Service, London

This programme looks ar the pulsating rhythm that accompanies on of Zimbabwe's numerous traditional dance troupes and the considering the state of health of these groups.  Also looks at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair.

Arts and Africa

Alex Tatteh-Lartey looks at a new type of traditional music from South Africa drawing on musical instruments from all over the Continent and an innovative approach to traditional story-telling by the Tiv people of Eastern Nigeria.

PC149: Eleanor Nash Collection: 'Tradition and modern Zulu women'

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Traditionally dressed fiancée and western dressed man.

Traditionally dressed fiance and western dressed man. 

"Two girls dressed traditionally"

"Two girls dressed traditionally" From Table Mountain, Pietermaritzburg

"Two traditional females and Western dressed man"

"Two traditional females and western dressed man" Possibly fiance to one of the girls or both. From Table Mountain, PMB. 

Mosque in Tongaat

Mosque in Tongaat

Group of girls in Zulu attire
Zulu Dance
Zulu Dance
Letter from Bernhard to Phyllis Naidoo

I use the time of this nice and peaceful Sunday afternoon to drop a line to you.

5 Indian Ladies
Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 155
Olaudah Equiano and Unfinished Journeys: The Slave-Narrative Tradition and Twentieth-Century Continuities
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