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Letter from the Secretary for Interior


Asiatic Penetration.

I have the honour to inform you that City.....

Letter from the Durban City Council

The Town Council is much perturbed at the encroachment of the asiatics into areas which have up

Letter from the City and Water Engineer
Letter from Councilor S M Pettersen

The difficulty of such a course would have. been all the greater seeing that the population by Asiatics of this quart

Judicial Commission on Indian Penetration
Judicial Commission of Indian Penetration
Judgment - Pather vs Rex
Intermixing of Europeans and Non-Europeans Sectional ZOnes

This matter formerly under the heading Asiatic Penetration, which has engaged the attention of successive conference...

Instant Coffee Country
Inside South Africa: a letter


Information Re Asiatic Encroachment

Durban City Council: Town Clerk Office

Natal Province

Indian Problem
Indian Penetration. Labour's Plan
Indian Penetration. Labour's Plan
Indian Penetration into European areas in the urban local authority areas in Natal
Indian Penetration in Natal and the Occupation Control Draft Ordinance

By direction of Conference I have the honor to transmit for your information and kind consideration the text of a resolution adopted by the Association at its annual meeting held......

Indian Penetration Commission.
Indian Penetration Commission.
Indian Penetration Commission.
Indian Penetration Commission sitting at Durban


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