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Newspaper article on the Indian Market

Newspaper article on the Indian market

10. Statistical Information - Ownership of Fixed Property by Asiatic within City of Durban
Acquisition and Occupation of Land. Invasion and Succession .
Act No, 35 of 1943 - "Pegging Act"
Act No. 35 of 1943 - 'Pegging Act'
Addendum to Draft Memorandum to all Town Clerks of the Province of Natal

Dear Sir,

Further to my circular letter of December 27 1935, in which you were asked to join the Co-operative movement of influencing your Parliamentary representative to take a personal interest in this question, more vital to Natal than any other Province.

Angry women confronting a policeman 20 October 1970

Indian traders

Appointment of Commission of Enquiry into Indian Penetration
Articles on Indian Pentration
Building of the new Victoria Street Market

Ariel view of the New Victoria Street Market

Call for immediate release of leaders held by police - Grey Street quiet as traders protest

MORE than 600 people........

Caste, Class and Identities among Surtee Muslims in KwaZulu Natal (South Africa), c. 1880-2009

This essay explores the variety of subject positions of Gujarati-speaking Muslim migrants from Surat, India, from the time of their arrival in South Africa in the late 1870s to the contemporary period.

Cato Manor

Shops in Cato Manor

Cato Manor

Trading store in Cato Manor

City and Water Engineers Department
Commentary by City and Water Engineers Department and Memorandum by the Natal Indian Congress

The following comments refer to the several documents forwarded to this Department prior to their submission to the Indian Judicial Commission.....

Commission of Inquiry regarding possible Indian Penetration for Trading or Residential Purposes of predominantly European Areas in Natal and the Transvaal
Congress Policy on Segregation
Copy of ACT NO 35 of 1943 from Union Gazette Extraordinary


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