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Inside South Africa

A monthly letter about events in South Africa.

Separate development: the receiving end

What are they hiding behind their backs.

The isolation of "Boeta L"

Atteridgeville in 1964.

A policeman with a bunch of keys

The story of high rents in a Pretoria location.

Rents: paying for incorporation
Alexandra township: 'uplift' or co-option?
The Dark Alexandra Township
Grahamstown's Fingo Village: From Poverty to Paradise?
Sada: Extract from a report presented to Conference
Tranquillizers - use with caution
Chaos in the administration of black townships
Upgrading of an oilspot
Committee of ten
The poor pay more
A test case for `planned urbanisation`
United Democratic Front reaffirms non-violent position

Press release from the United Democratic Front reiterating its commitment to non-violent democratic opposition to apartheid.

Speech made by Mrs Winnie Mandela to mark the creation of the Black Parents' Association

Immediately following the "childrens revolt" in Soweto in June 1976 and the massacre and repression with which the apartheid regime encountered it, Mrs Winnie Mandela made an impassioned plea at a meeting of Soweto residents calling for Black pride and unity.

Book review: youth in crisis
Welverdiend spells death: a story of overkill
Political Conflict and Civil Unrest in African Townships in Natal


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