Town Clerk

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Letter from H D White to Peter Brown
Re: ex parte Mason - Deletion of Restrictive Conditions from Titles

In this matter Mr Justice Broome today delivered a lengthy reserved judgment......


Letter from the General Secretary of the YMCA to the Town Clerk
Letter from D O'Mahony to the General Secretary of the YMCA
Extract from the minutes of Geneal Purpose Committee

The mayor informed the Committee that he had been approached by the Minister of the Interior to permit the Town Clerk's Legal Assistant to proceed......


Memo for the General Purpose Committee. Indian Penetration into European Areas

At the Associations 31st Annual Conference held at Newcastle the delegates representing the City of Pietermaritzburg urged the immediate pressing for legisalation on the above subject or.....

Memorandum to the Town Clerk dated 1st May 1940

The Town Clerk will recollect that on Saturday, 27th ultimo, Mr. Geake, the Principal Immigration Officer called at this office and was taken by me to the Town Clerk. Mr.

Letter from Alan Paton to Brigadier
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