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Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

This edition concentrates in events happened in Ghana. Firstly, a book launch which took place in Accra. It was quite an occasion; graced by fellow poets, , by music and the Secretary for Culture, the poet Kobena Eyi Acquah.

ANC KZN PEC bulletin Nov 2001
India-Brazil .. South Africa (IBSA) Dialogue Forurn Trilateral Commission Meeting, New Delhi Agenda for Cooperation and Plan of Action
Letter from Robert Morrell to Peter Brown
South African Digest Week Ended June 1, 1979
South African Digest - Week ended - June 8, 1979
This is South Africa

While still a developing country by UN definition South Africa is the most highly developed country by far on the African continent.
Including six self-governing Black national states...

Heritage Tourism Potential in the Ugu Region: A Project

The purpose of this investigation is to identify the tourism potential of the Ugu Region in terms of historical and cultural sites as well as natural resources, in order to establish a sustainable tourism package that will benefit the people living in the area.

History of KZN Natal Zulus - Traditional Zulu File

Compared to the northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal with their battlefields and nature reserves and the enhancement of the Midlands, the southern area of the province has not developed as far as tourism is concerned. There are, however, areas that could be ear-marked for tourism development.

Executive Summary, Vol 1, No 6, February 1995

AB the time for delivery, rather than goal setting, for the RDP approaches, so the problems of both a technical and a financial nature loom ever closer. The economy is, all things considered, in better shape, even if sectors of business remain sceptical of all aspects of the RDP.

Swimming pool - Bombay

Swimming pool in Bombay

Letter from Rhonda to Phyllis Naidoo

Ntzizi, a SA refugee here, just told me Chris was deported.

Newspaper article: Jacob Zuma, one of KwaZulu Natal's most prominent sons, is fast emerging as the faourite for the position of ANC deputy president

While the controversy over nominations for the ANC deputy presidency rages on and South Africans ponder whether Jacob Zuma, the party leadership's favorite, will indeed become the ANC's next deputy president, Mr Zuma himself hardly appears to be hardly enjoying his share of the excitement.

Malawi will make independence work

Nyasaland became Malawi on 6 July 1964. On that day Dr Banda put into operation the revised Five Year plan based on that of the late Dunduza K Chisiza.

Labadi: a Ghanian subculture

Labadi was formerly well-known as one of the important Ga towns which lie along the coast of what is now Ghana.

Hey Babe, Take a Walk on the Wild Side
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.18 May 1959
Tackling poverty and creating wealth: How the IFP views the economic priorities
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