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Health professionals and human rights in South Africa

Report on the impact of apartheid on health, health related problems of detentions, especially the detention of children, and the reaction of health professionals, and on violations and limitations of professional intergrity and human rights related to health care

The Torture of Dean Farisani
Stop the torture!
Interview with Frank Chikane

Oral interview with Rev Frank Chikane, This interview was conducted just after Rev. Chikane's appointment as General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches (SACC). Chikane, age 36, was underground at the time of the interview.

The riot police and suppression of truth

This is a memorandum prepared for members of parliament about the riot police and suppression of truth.

Concentration camps in Rhodesia
Detainees speak out!
Stop assaults and detentions
Fighting Talk Volume 12 Number 3 May 1958

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats

Descom Bulletin No 7, October 1984
Descom Bulletin No 6
The longest night
The psychological effects of detention
Declaration of Tokyo
Twelve-point program for the prevention of torture - Amnesty International
Toture and the medical profession in South Africa - complicity or concern?
SAHSSO's victims of violence, torture and rehabilitation programme: a response
A Portuguese letter
Call to whites Repression: Has the State of emergency really ended?

The official state of emergency ended on March 7 1986, as in that month more people died than at any other time during the state of Emergency

Statements by students arrested at Morris Isaacson High School on October 22, 1976

The statement of six students arrested at Morris Isaacson High School on 22 October 1976, detailing their detention and torture


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