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Analysis of placement figures

African National Congress Education Secretariat's analysis of placement progress.

African National Congress National Scholarship Committee: Information for Placement on Scholarship

Information regarding requirements for placement on scholarship.

Regional Education Department Report (Angola)

African National Congress (ANC) Regional Education Department Report (Angola). Covers Luanda District, Lubango Unit, Caculama, farm Complex, Quibaxe Pango Centres, School project, Regional Education Committee, Viana Vocational Training Centre and Scholarships.

Fallen Comrades

List of freedom fighters who have been captured, killed or wounded in the fighting in Zimbabwe.

Scholarship Report - Zambia

List of African National Congress (ANC) students in Zambia including names, school, course and sponsor.

Project budget convering contribution from donor

Annexure 1 of the African National Congress (ANC) project document for the proposed Vocational Training Centre in Dakawa.

Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College: Curriculum Vitae of teaching staff

List of teaching staff at Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College and their qualifications, experience and subjects offered during the period May to July 1981.

List of proposed placements

List of proposed placements for African National Congress (ANC) students.

Priority requirements for January 1980 - December 1980

List of priority requirements for Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College for the period January to December 1980.

Permit in terms of the Departure from the Union Regulations Act, 1955

Departure permits for Jack and Ray Simons issued on the 28th April 1965.

Introductory essay: the problems of exile

Introductory essay on the problems of exiles, including the reasons for going into exile, life experienced as an exile and unique problems of living as an exile.

Letter from Henry G Makgothi to Dr Frank Mbego

Letter from Henry G Makgothi, Secretary for Education, African National Congress, to Dr Frank Mbego requesting financial assistance for the seventh national Education Council Seminar. Includes project proposal.

Letter from J D to Ray and Jack Simons

Letter from African National Congress in Zimbabwe to Ray and Jack Simons regarding their names on a list of banned immigrants.

Letter from Andile to Jack and Ray Simons

Handwritten letter from Andile, a student in Mazimbu, to Jack and Ray Simons.

Letter from D Nokwe, Secretary-General, to Minister of Home Affairs, Botswana

Letter from D Nokwe, Secretary-General of the ANC, to the Minister of Home Affairs, Botswana, regarding the deportation of Mr Jerry Mbuli.

Letter from Zambian Acting Chief Immigration Officer to Jack Simons

Letter from D J Cator, Zambian Acting Chief Immigration Officer, to Jack Simons granting an Entry Permit for Jack and Ray Simons and their son.

Letter from I R Mwajasho to Chief Representative of the ANC

Letter from I R Mwajasho to Chief Representative of the ANC regarding the expulsion of Mr Samuel Malutsi.

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