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The National situation, an address delivered at the Edendale Conference of the All African Convention

The address opens with a description of three major landmarks of the year, namely;The first, the Treason Trial, which began on 5 December 1956 where 156 people were arrested in a Union-wide police swoop. The second, was the arrest of more than 200 African men and women of Sekukuniland.

In Verwoerd's South Africa: a tale of persecution

The article describes the experiences of various members of the Unity Movement and those directly involved with the liberation struggle, and illustrates the animosity of the South African Press towards the the Unity Movement and its affiliates.

The agrarian problem

An address delivered by I B Tabata to the Society of Young Africa (SOYA); an organisation affiliated to the Unity Movement and consists mainly of young urban workers and intellectuals.

The international situation

This address was delivered at the 9th National Conference of the Non-European Movement in Pietermaritzburg, on the 3rd-5th of January, 1962. This paper outlines the anti-colonial struggles of the oppressed around the world.

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