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Request on the release of political prisoners

Request made by the Japanese government repeatedly seeks from the South African government a release of all political prisoners including Nelson Mandela, and urges the South African Government to make an accelerated effort in bringing about negotiated settlement through talks.

Renewed fighting in April

On April 1 1989, the start of the implementation of Resolution 435, clashes between Swapo guerillas and South African security forces broke out in northern Namibia . For nine days the most intense fighting in the history of the border war raged along the 300 km frontier .

Releases a victory for the people

Statement by Congress of South African Trade Unions and the United Democratic Front on behalf of the Mass Democratic Movement regarding their release which is also a victory for the international solidarity movement.

Rally speech

Speech delivered by Joe Slovo the General Secretary of the South African Communist Party (SACP) at the Rally in Lentegeur Stadium, Mitchell's Plain.

Proposed joint statement on: call for national unity against apartheid and the emergency

Statement regarding proposed joint statement on call for national unity against apartheid and the emergency as the state of emergency seeks to destroy the democratic organisations and thereby attempting to halt march to freedom

Programme of Mass Action against Natal violence continues

Press statement regarding the programme of mass action against Natal violence and the organisations are determined to continue with their programme of mass action for peace, until the government takes decisive steps to end this violence.

Profile, Namibia

Profile, Namibia .Booklet discussing: basic facts, churches, resources, chronology, political development and economic situations.

Press statement: Margaret Thatcher policy on South Africa

Press statement regarding the Margaret Thatcher policy on South Africa.

Press statement: Death of Japhta Masemola

Press statement by Popo Molefe of the United Democratic Front regarding the death of Japhta Masemola who sacrificed twenty-six years of his life to rid our country of the scourge of racism.

Press statement on United Democratic Front rejects the imposition of the regional services councils.

Press statements regarding the United Democratic Front rejects the imposition of the regional services councils as once again the apartheid regime ignore the legtimate demands of the people and impose Regional Services Councils on the communities.

Press statement on the release of the Sharpeville Six

Press statement regarding the release of the Sharpeville Six as they calls on State President to exercise his presidential pregotative to save the lives of the Sharpeville Six who are now facing the death sentence appeal.

Press statement on stop hanging of Meilies and Jantjies.

Press statement regarding the hanging of Meilies and Jantjies as United Democratic Front calls on all peace-loving South Africans and the international community to demand government to stop hangings of Wellington Mielies and Moses Jantjies.

Press statement on Bisca Marshall plan

Press statement regarding response on Bisca Marshall Plan as they do not believe that the plan is motivated by a genuine concern for the plight of black people in South Africa.

Press Statement of the United Democratic Front

Press statement from Popo Molefe as the United Democratic front will hold a National General Council (NGC) from the 1st to 3rd of March 1991.

Press statement

Statement written by Nelson Mandela and requested Murphy Morobe on behalf of the National Reception Committee to release it to the media.

Press statement

Press statement released after the National Executive Committee of the United Democratic Front held its first meeting for the year on 13/14 January.

Press statement

Press statement where Valli Moosa welcomed the return of Rev Frank Chikane and how he has been a subject of detention without trial and assassination.

Press cuttings-repression of youth

Article on repression of youth regarding repression of students in 1984 as over 50 students were detained, an article on Sowetan regarding fun run to launch the International year of the youth in Soweto that has been organised by a community organisation in the same month, an artilcle on Sowetan

Preliminary analysis of structure of indictment

Trial proceeding of the preliminary analyses of structure of indictment regarding Vaal Triangle treason trial between the state versus Patrick Mabuya Baleka and others. All the accused were charged with all the offences set out in the indictment.

Position for a negotiated resolution of the South African question

Draft discussion paper on the position for a negotiated resolution of the South African question.


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