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Minutes of the Proceedings of the Executive Council Meeting held at Edendale Ecumenical Lay Centre, Pietermaritzburg, on 1-3 December 1972

Minutes of the Meeting

Black Consciousness

Background to the Black Consciousness Movement and an overview of the development of the South African Students Organisation (SASO). Prepared for defence in Mayekiso trial, late 1980s

Minutes of the 1969 SASO Conference

Minutes of the SASO Conference

Minutes of Meeting of the SRC Presidents, SASO Executive Committee and representatives of SASO on campus, held at Alan Taylor Residence on Saturday 17th June 1972

Minutes of the meeting which included a review of activities on Black campuses and the expulsion of students at Turfloop and the Alice Declaration of 13 th May 1972

Memorandum: Conference 1972

A SASO memorandum to SRC Presidents, SASO Local Committees, Black Organisations, Overseas Correspondents and others about the proceedings of the 1972 SASO conference

The Black Worker's Project: A proposal

There is a universal understanding for workers to negotiate in one voice, yet Blacks were refused membership to Trade unions.The complexity of the race situation in South Africa enhanced this gap between the White and BlacK worker.

The South African Students Organisation: in detention for their country

This SASO memorandum contains the names and brief profiles of eight Black leaders banned for a five year period.

Banning and intimidation: list of recommended tactics

SASO memorandum deals with proposed methods of infiltration into schools, religious bodies and other organisations; how to deal with infiltration into SASO and how to deal with bannings and other forms of intimidation. List was seized by police at the SASO office in Durban on 17 May 1973.


Culture in its various manifestations can be used to liberate Black people and this memorandum discusses the importance of Black poetry, literature, music and fine art

Commissions presented at 5th General Students' Council of the South African Student's Organization, St Peters Seminary, Hammanskraal, 14-18 January, 1974

The memorandum contains commissions to assess, among others, the theory of the struggle pertaining to the Black culture, the feasibility of research into education suitable for the struggle of students in Universities, and possible student benefits programmes.

The repugnant elements in the Western Culture

The use of White religion and politics to keep Blacks under the supression of the Nationalist government is questioned. It also suggests that the social atmosphere of the Black family setting has been destroyed by a capitalist society.

The trial of SASO/BPC detainees

The trial of 12 SASO and BPC leaders detained since September 1974. The charge sheet consisted of 81 pages. The 12 are accused of participating in terrorist activities in terms of various sections of the Terrorism Act (No 83 of 1967) and General Law Amendment Act (No 56 of 1955)

Freedom struggles of the past: what can we learn from them to enhance grass roots involvement

A SASO memorandum for the Transvaal Regional Formation School, held at Turfloop, 21-22 September 1974

Communique as drawn up by the 1969 SASO Conference

The communique discusses the need for contact and communication amongst non-white universities and colleges. It also discusses the relationship with other national student bodies like NUSAS.

Winterveld Community Project

This memorandum contains an outline of the community upliftment project planned by SASO in the area of Winterveld, north of Pretoria in the Transvaal, South Africa

The Politics of protest for Black students

This memorandum deals with the aims of political activity and the forms of protest open to Black students

Black Universities in South Africa

The historical background to the development of Black Universities is outlined.

South African Students' Organisation: Portfolio of education

This SASO document examines the role of separate development in controlling education for Black people. Included are statistics showing enrollment figures at South African Universities, government financing, graduates and staff composition and bursaries available for students.

Introduction to Formation School

This SASO memorandum sets out the path for students to follow in their quest for national liberation, for discussion at the SASO Formation School, Edendale, 1971

Understanding SASO: introduction to Formation School

This SASO memorandum sets out the path for students to follow in their quest for national liberation, for discussion at the SASO Formation School, Edendale, 1971. This memorandum lacks an introduction.


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