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An open letter from Strini Moodley to the 'Fakir' of the 'Leader' and the 'Sadiq Ally 'of the 'Graphic'

Strini Moodley examines the writings of journalists in Indian weekly newspapers who show no affiliation or sensitivity to the opressed persons of South Africa.

Black Power - Students Forced to Leave Meeting - SASO and other affairs

Four students of UND walked outh of a student body meeting at Alan Taylor residence last Thursday. The meeting began with antagonism towards four White students present, during the discussion queries were made about "foreigner" or "intruders" at the meeting.

Black Theology

The essay contains a discussion around Black theology, politics, religion and philosophy as experienced by the Black man in South Africa.

Circular from Barney Pityana to SRC Presidents and other organisations

The circular outlines the historical background of the formation of the South African Students Organisation (SASO) as well as the aims and structure of the organisation.

Constitution: South African Students' Organisation

Amended version of "Draft Constitution" of the South African Student's Organisation

Letter from Barney Pityana to Barry Streek

The letter discusses the issue of SASO/NUSAS representation at the Commonwealth Students' Conference in the context of representation of the two organisations at foreign/overseas meetings

Letter from Barney Pityana to Neville Curtis

Letter from Barney Pityana (President, SASO) to Neville Curtis (NUSAS) regarding NUSAS and SASO relations.

Letter from D. V. Naidoo and Steve Biko to Fort Hare re Conference in December at Mariannhill, Oct. 14, 1968, with enclosed statement, "Background to the conference,"

Invitation to Black universities and training colleges to attend a conference to be held from the 1st to the 3rd of December 1968.The conference is intended to be an extension of dialogue amongst the non-white centres in South Africa.

Letter from Jeff Duma Baqwa to Welile Nhlapho

Notification to members of the Literacy Sub-Committee of meetings to be held during 1973, including an Agenda for the meeting of 21 September 1973

Letter from Neville Curtis to Barney Pityana

Letter from Neville Curtis to Barney Pityana containing a list of contact details for possible funders in the United States.

Letter from Neville Curtis to Geoff Budlender

The letter is a request for Geoff Budlender to contact Barney Pityana

Letter from Neville Curtis to Steve Biko

The letter is an exchange of thoughts on the activities of both organisations and a discussion on possible co-operation between NUSAS and SASO.

Letter from Paul Pretorius (NUSAS) to Temba Sono (SASO)

The letter from Paul Pretorius (NUSAS) is a response to a letter from Themba Sono (SASO) about restricting interaction and cooperation with NUSAS.

Letter from Paul Pretorius (NUSAS) to Temba Sono (SASO)

This letter from Temba Sono (SASO) to Paul Pretorius (NUSAS) continues the correspondence about interaction and cooperation between the two student organisations

Letter from Steve Biko to Colin Collins, regarding arrangements for a SASO and UCM Conference.

The letter, including a handwritten postscript, provides details of transport arrangements for a South African Students Organisation (SASO) and a United Christian Movement (UCM) Conference.

Letter from Steve Biko to Colin [Collins] re follow-up discussion on financial assistance to SASO from UCM, Aug 15, 1969.

A request for financial assistance from the University Christian Movement by the President of the the South African Students Organisation Steve Biko

Letter from Steve Biko to Neville [Curtis]

The letter queries the Preident of NUSAS on possible changes in the structure of NUSAS organisation.

Letter from Steve Biko to SRC Presidents

Letter to student and other organisations outlining the historical background, structure and policy of the South African Students' Organisation (SASO)

Letter from Steve Biko to Thami Mazwai

Letter written to Thami Mazwai explaining the reason for not wanting to make a press statement regarding the work of the South African Students Organisation.

Letter from Steve [Biko] to Neville [Curtis], Nov 28,1969.

Letter written to Neville Curtis student leader of NUSAS regarding the forthcoming restructuring of NUSAS.


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