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Pro Veritate

Pro Veritate, a Christian monthly journal, reflects a theological point of view towards the ideologies of the ruling National Party.

White immigration to South Africa

Discussion about corporate guilt and corporate responsibility which prevails with regard to White immigration to South Africa from a Christian perspective

Summary of activities taken against the Christian Institute and Spro-Cas between August 1973 and January 1974

Chronology of the Commission of Enquiry into Certain Organizations, which became a parliamentary Commission of Enquiry known as the Schlebusch Commission. Includes the background to the charges laid by the State against Ravan Press in November 1978

Where I stand

Reprint in a journal of an Address given to the Pretoria Press Club given by Bishop Desmond Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches.

The Christian Institute and Black South Africa

An article dealing with the significance of non-racial organisations like the Christian Institute for Black South Africans

Statement by the christian institute, May 26, 1977

This article covers the investment of Christian Institute which took place in South Africa in October 1976.

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