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Apartheid: a crisis of the Christian conscience

The Alfred and Winifred Hoernle Memorial Lecture, 1964, delivered by Denis Hurley under the auspices of the South African Institute of Race Relations examines the Christian ethic and the South African situation

An initial response to the Kairos Document

This is a pamphlet about publicising the Kairos document on November 1985.

Africanisation of the Church

The article discusses the urgent need for Africanisation (or indigenisation) of the Church in South Africa and calls for the building on the work of the missionaries and more black clergy. Letters in response to the article are included.

A call to conscience addressed to Catholics by their Bishops

Address by Bishops to Catholics on social and interracial justice, moral courage and dignity in human relationships within the South African context of racial discrimination.

A call for a National Convention for the Republic of South Africa

Circular which discusses the reasons for the call for a National Convention for the Republic of South Africa, the deteriorating situation in the country, the authority of a National Convention, members, objectives and the preparation for the National Convestion.


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