Tempera painting

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" Basotholand"

A colourful scene of a Basotho valley with a river passing through the mountains and trees.( Type: Tempera)

" Maputo"

Colourful scene of modern square houses in a village with a road going through. ( Type: Tempera).

" Shall Cross"

Colourful scene of a church surrounded by cypress trees and there is a hut in the background. ( Type: Tempera)

'Uhambolwethu Esikoleni"

Colourful scene of a man walking down the round past a factory. Cyprus trees and mountains in the background. ( Type:Tempera)


A scene of a rural homestead with two huts, garden, kraal and mountains in the background. Pen and colour Pencil painting.

Tempera painting worship student Ndaleni Training College
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