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Economics Press Cuttings 1979
Trade unions COSATU press cuttings
Vocational guidance service for Indians
South African Politics - loose items
Newspaper articles on Squatters: Cape Town - 1996 and 1997

Volunteer teacher Ms Cynthia Mbeki was the first to build a shack at the Polla Park squatter settlement- but she will...

Memorandum submitted to the Department of Education

Joint Committee representing Durban Inidan Municipal Employess Society.....

Golden Jubilee Committee (1972)

Greenwood Park Mutual Benefit

Greenwood Park Indian School (1960)

Greenwood Park Mutual Benefit

Letter from Mike Hart to Peter Brown
Staff of Surat Hindu SA Indian School, Durban

Surat Hindu Association School

Young Buddhist

Youngest learnings the way of Buddhu

Presentation of flowers at the event in Verulam

Presentation at the 50th anniversary in Verulam

Student and teachers in front of Wrack Classrooms

Teachers and students in front  of damaged classroom

Shree Bharat Sherela (Creche)

Group photograph of teachers at the creche

Pre-school education

Pre-school children in the classroom

Library Counter

Image of the school library

A kitchen scene

Staff in the school kitchen

Two females

Image of females at a school

Henry Nundoo
Sastri College Class Photograph

Group photograph - Sastri College, students and teacher


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