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School boycott - Western Cape
Oppressed students - unity/militancy
Draft for discussion: Christmas against the emergency

Pamphlet regarding Christmas against the emergency. Over 40 000 people were detained and some nearly killed by apartheid forces and thousands of students were locked out of schools. Therefore UDF calls on all people affected to strike.

A Democrat among the Republicans

Article about Robert Kennedy's visit to South Africa and the anticipated consequences of his visit

Black Power - Students Forced to Leave Meeting - SASO and other affairs

Four students of UND walked outh of a student body meeting at Alan Taylor residence last Thursday. The meeting began with antagonism towards four White students present, during the discussion queries were made about "foreigner" or "intruders" at the meeting.

Civil rights and the university

An article on civil rights by Geoff Budlender, SRC President at the University of Cape Town, South Africa

June 12 Movement

June 12th marked a historic moment in the history of Black students. The University of the Western Cape acting together with the Department of Coloured Affairs expelled students of the University of the Western Cape for protesting against "education for subjugation".

Hang our heads in shame!
A tribute to Rowyn Rajah
Hostel situation at University Durban-Westville
University of Natal - medical students
The student struggle and you
Statements by students arrested at Morris Isaacson High School on October 22, 1976

The statement of six students arrested at Morris Isaacson High School on 22 October 1976, detailing their detention and torture

Incident at Trafalgar High School

A teacher's account of an unprovoked attack on school children of Trafalgar High School, Cape Town by riot police from the South African Police Services.


Abasebenzi, published by the Wages Commission, Student's Representative Council at the University of Cape Town, aimed to create awareness by informing workers in the Western Cape (mainly Cape Town) of the importance of worker unity, organisation and representation in order to protect their intere

Pupils and students on the move


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