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IDASA: The road ahead
MK soldiers viewpoint
People`s war - stages and tasks
MK is born
The sabotage campaign
Operation Mayibuye
Letter from Chris Hani to Ray Simons

Handwritten letter from Chris Hani to Ray Simons regarding Umkhonto We Sizwe work and strategy.

Letter from Jack Simons to Ronnie Kasrils

Letter from Jack Simons to Ronnie Kasrils in reply to letter of 11 February 1984 regarding FRELIMO and Mozambique and looking at a strategic approach to events and struggles.

Letter from Jack Simons to John Motshabi

Letter from Jack Simons to John Motshabi regarding ANC membership, internal strategy and tactics.

The education debate: our view

Circular about the education debate by the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania, and includes discussions about the national education crisis, student boycotts and the role of students in the liberation process.

Briefing document on KTC situation

Briefing document on KTC situation that contains the history, the latest peace initiative, ANC statement, the positions of national organisations, the involvement of UDF's affected township organisations and also the issue of direct peace talks.

Inkatha's multi-strategy approach
Theses on the current situation

Article about the current South African political situation. Covers government strategies, the character and implications of the ANC's strategic gains, the place and role of released ANC leaders, and the issue of dual power.

Strategic perspective

Unauthored paper on strategy and tactics in the context of negotiations. Includes the goals and immediate objectives of the National Liberation Struggle.

The strategic debate in the ANC

Paper by Z Pallo Jordan regarding African National Congress strategy. Regarding talks and negotiations.

A 3-phase counter revolutionary strategy

Paper discussing a 3-phase counter revolutionary strategy.

State of organisation and the way forward

Paper by John Motshabi on the state of the African National Congress and the way forward. Covers military strategy, enemy infiltration, programme of action, democratic participation, negotiations and seizure of power, building a revolutionary army, cadre policy.

"Power-sharing" Apartheid style: a critical analysis of the Botha regime's current political strategy

Paper on power-sharing and the apartheid government from the Centre for African Studies in Maputo, Mozambique. Argues that it is projecting a reformist image.

Planning for peoples war discussion document

Discussion document on planning for a peoples war. Covers the armed struggle, people's revolutionary violence, uprisings in the Bantustans, the enemy armed forces and arming the people.

Draft proposals for a new strategy of the ANC of South Africa April 1971

Draft proposals for a new strategy for the African National Congress in South Africa.


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