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"Power-sharing" Apartheid style: a critical analysis of the Botha regime's current political strategy

Paper on power-sharing and the apartheid government from the Centre for African Studies in Maputo, Mozambique. Argues that it is projecting a reformist image.

5th National Congress
A 3-phase counter revolutionary strategy

Paper discussing a 3-phase counter revolutionary strategy.

Address by Umkhonto We Sizwe Army Commander, Comrade Joe Modise at MK Military Seminar

Speech by Joe Modise at an Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Seminar, Lusaka, Zambia, 25-26 April 1990. Examines the history of the MK and looks at strategies for expansion.

ANC National Conference, July 1991: Notes for commission on violence

Notes for Commission on Violence for the African National Congress National Conference in Durban, July 1991. Examines the State strategy, unity and diversity in the ruling class, conditions for violence and its forms, strengths and weaknesses of the state.

ANC Strategy and Tactics as adopted at the 49th National Conference, December 1994
ANC Strategy and Tactics As amended at the 50th National Conference, December 1997
Banning and intimidation: list of recommended tactics

SASO memorandum deals with proposed methods of infiltration into schools, religious bodies and other organisations; how to deal with infiltration into SASO and how to deal with bannings and other forms of intimidation. List was seized by police at the SASO office in Durban on 17 May 1973.

Briefing document on KTC situation

Briefing document on KTC situation that contains the history, the latest peace initiative, ANC statement, the positions of national organisations, the involvement of UDF's affected township organisations and also the issue of direct peace talks.

Congress Resolutions
COSATU Special Congress
Cosatu: Searching for a productive solution
Development strategy and implementation in Ghana and Nigeria

A crucial cause of the military-police coups in Ghana and Nigeria was the rejection of the political, economic structure and policy of their political elites.

Discussion towards the drafting of a document on a strategy on the South African struggle for the OAU

Guidelines to the National Executive Committee for the drafting of a document on the South African Struggle for the Organisation of African Unity.

Draft proposals for a new strategy of the ANC of South Africa April 1971

Draft proposals for a new strategy for the African National Congress in South Africa.

Draft resolution on strategy and tactics

African National Congress draft resolution on strategy and tactics, agreed at the ANC National Conference in Durban, 2-6 July, 1991.

Has PAC revival run out of steam
IDASA: The road ahead
Inkatha's multi-strategy approach
Internal position

Unauthored paper reconsidering broad strategy and tactics within the African National Congress.


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