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Vision into action
ANC Strategy and Tactics As amended at the 50th National Conference, December 1997
ANC Strategy and Tactics as adopted at the 49th National Conference, December 1994
The Ghana and Nigeria plans in retrospect

Comparison of economic strategy of Ghana and Nigeria.

Development strategy and implementation in Ghana and Nigeria

A crucial cause of the military-police coups in Ghana and Nigeria was the rejection of the political, economic structure and policy of their political elites.

The New African: Volume 5, Number 6, July 1966
Statement of the Deputy President of the African National Congress, Nelson Mandela, at the Opening of the ANC National Conference

Nelson Mandela's address to the opening of the African National Congress (ANC) National Conference, 2-7 July, 1991 in which he stated that the ANC must lead the process of democratic transformation and the Conference will enable ANC to formulate strategies to do this.

Strategic priorities for building the African National Congress

Speech delivered by Popo Molefe at the African National Congress Organizing Committee National Workshop 6 - 9 November 1990. The paper discusses strategic priorities for building the African National Congress

Address by Umkhonto We Sizwe Army Commander, Comrade Joe Modise at MK Military Seminar

Speech by Joe Modise at an Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Seminar, Lusaka, Zambia, 25-26 April 1990. Examines the history of the MK and looks at strategies for expansion.

One year of an unbanned ANC: the road ahead

State of the nation unauthoured paper assessing the African National Congress one year after it was unbanned.

Draft resolution on strategy and tactics

African National Congress draft resolution on strategy and tactics, agreed at the ANC National Conference in Durban, 2-6 July, 1991.

Tasks set for regions from the ANC National Reconstruction and Strategy Conference

Identifies tasks set by the ANC National Conference in Durban, July 1991 and makes recommendations. Includes Human Resources and Training, Executive Structures of Government, Premiers Office, Provincial, Metropolitan and Local Government, and ANC.

Record of discussions at the meeting at Dakar between an ANC delegation and a group organised by IDASA

Record of discussions at the meeting at Dakar between an African National Congress delegation and a group organised by IDASA. Report made from notes taken by various people during the meeting.

Meeting between Lt-Col A M Rodrigues ("Kito"), Minister of the Interior of Angola, and South African Representatives: Lusaka, 7 July 1984

Report of a meeting between the Angolan Minister of the Interior and representatives of the South African Government to discuss the security situation along the Angola border.

Report and information given by Group M-4 Commander Cde Kapoko from their mission in Grootfontein Area

Report by a Commander of a mission in Okavango and Namibia and the reasons for failure

Report issued by Groups J-11 and D-10 from their mission down South

Report by several Comrades of a mission in Okavango and Namibia

On negotiations
COSATU Special Congress
Congress Resolutions
Municipal elections


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