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Black industrial protest on the Witwatersrand, 1901-02
These Fosatu factories joined the stoppage
How many???

How many people are unemployed at the moment? Every worker knows that the only real answer to this question is that it is too many. But it is important to know just how many people are unemployed so that we know just how big the problem is.

Council's wages bettered

Within six weeks of gaining recognition at Leyland SA's warehouse and repair shop in Elandsfontein, NAAWU negotiated a new wage deal for its members at the plant.

Language policy in a free Azania
Lets talk about Bantustans
Running on empty
Editorial: Constructing economic justice
Business dogma endangers economy
Separate, but equal?
The budget and the development plan
Repression - workers under attack
Regions - COSATU cracks CP
COSATU budget 1989
Ban overtime: create 100 000 new jobs
Students and action in society

Papers presented at the 9th NUSAS National Seminar held at Howick, April 24-28 in 1971.

The Government and AIDS
Gelukspan Hospital
Studying violence in a South African city


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