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Do more about AIDS!`
Political Conflict and Civil Unrest in African Townships in Natal
The Role of the Wages Commissions
SWA Update: 11 May 1989

Report to the Director General with an update on Cuban troop withdrawal from Namibia, the security situation, internal politics and the position of the Church in Namibia.

SWA/Namibia: situation report as at Sunday, 16 April 1989

Report from C von Hirschberg and J D Viall regarding the situation in Namibia from a military and political persepctive as well as the importance of favourable media publicity

Begging problem in Grahamstown

Synopsis of the begging problem in Grahamstown, including population statistics, causes, consequences and solutions to begging. Includes a handwritten page.

Report on my visit to Mocambique: 17th March - 3rd April 1962

Report to the Commandant-General, Defence Headquarters, Pretoria, written by R P D Dymond, Captain, South African Navy, Military and Air, on his visit to Mozambique to inspect military, naval and air installations.

South African life tables for Whites, Coloureds and Asiatics

Report on the population statistics for Whites, Coloureds and Asiatics in the Union of South Africa

The Distribution of Personal Wealth in Natal
Durban Housing Crisis
The Burden of Tax
The Cost of Apartheid
Black Urbanisation In Natal/KwaZulu: 1980-2000
Problems of African Labour
The Cost of Apartheid
Limehill Revisited
Structural Unemployment in Southern Africa


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