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Democratic spanners in religious works
All social democrats from Schwarz to Slovo?
Violence - keeping morality alive
Voice of grief
Editorial comment: apartheid in crisis
Durban Medical School balance sheet
Parliamentary report
The budget and the development plan
Message of goodwill and solidarity

Message of goodwill and solidarity from His Excellency Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, President of the Republic of Zambia from the chairman of the preparatory committee regarding the occasion of the meeting of the Swedish people parliament against apartheid.

Role of riot police in the burnings and killings, Nyanga, Cape Town, Christmas 1976

Circular from the Christian Institute of Southern Africa containing personal eye-witness accounts of the role of riot police in provoking violence in Cape Town over the Christmas period in 1976.

A response to Dr Coen Slabbert
The winds of change?
Welfare planning and financing: Overview - state welfare policy
Workers summit
"State terrorism" in Cape Town
Notes on Theory No 3: The State
Sharpeville day
Westbury erupts
The Height of treason


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