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The Hard Case of Ghana
The American Committee on Africa

Anti-apartheid organisation says South African president's FW de Klerk statement falls short calls for tougher sanctions.

Force or violence
South African repression - who does it affect, Christian or non-Christian?
Who cannot take sides?

Statement by Mrs Lisbet Palme at the International Conference on children, repression and law in apartheid South Africa, Harare, 24th september, 1987.

Apartheid feeds on blood
The expresion "Bloody Boer" cannot be without significance

Statement by the Honourable Prime Minister, Comrade R.G. Mugabe, at the opening session of the International Conferenceon children,repression and the law in apartheid South Africa. Harare, 24th september 1987.

The state and violence - what is the link?
Johannesburg under siege
ANC National Conference, July 1991: Notes for commission on violence

Notes for Commission on Violence for the African National Congress National Conference in Durban, July 1991. Examines the State strategy, unity and diversity in the ruling class, conditions for violence and its forms, strengths and weaknesses of the state.

Memorandum aan alle lede van die Staatsveiligheidsraad: Onlussituasie - voorgestelde terminologiese riglyne vir amptelike segsmanne

Memorandum to all members of the State Security Council, from Louis Nel, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding guidelines for the use of terminology for official communication.

The spectre of Belson and Buchenwald
Editorial: Violence breeds violence
The organised labour movement and state registration: unity or fragmentation?
The response of African unions to state labour policy
Review: Class struggle - The State and Medicine by Vincente Navarro, Martin Robertson 1978
The working class, the state and social change in Botswana
Shack demolished, two dead
Death inquest of alleged guerilla
Lecturer expelled from South Africa


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