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Letter from Peter Brown to Birgitte Hjerthelm
Statement by Alan Brooks
Civil Rights News Letter, October 1960
Letter from Civil Rigts League to Member
Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Beryl Unterhalter

Last weeks Weekly Mail and Guardian told the news of Jack,s demise . I was shocked at his parting and so sorry for you who had lost such a wonderful partner. The Mail speaks of Sharpeville - there is so much more.

Chemchemi Newsletter, no. 3, June 1964
Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.74 1989
Editorial: The Emergency
Interview with Murphy Morobe

Interview with Murphy Morobe acting National Publicity Secretary for United Democratic Front who has been a political activist since the early seventies when he became involved in the South African Students Movement (SASM)

The Black Sash and The Emergency
Detaining the peacemakers
Crossroads - KTC holocaust
Emergency regulations
Black Sash editorial
Licence to ?
1988: Detentions
Proposed joint statement on: call for national unity against apartheid and the emergency

Statement regarding proposed joint statement on call for national unity against apartheid and the emergency as the state of emergency seeks to destroy the democratic organisations and thereby attempting to halt march to freedom

The declaration of the state of emergency

Statement issued in response to the declaration of the state of emergency


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