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Papwa Sewgolam

Sporting Greats

RAM Salojee - Speech

Mixed Sport - Cultural League

Lenasia Football Association - Presentation of Trophies

Presentation of Trophies - Lenasia Football Association

NEW AGE 1954-1963

New Age, newspaper and its' predecessors, The Guardian; Advance were founded by trade unionists, academics and and was known as a leftist publication. New Age was linked to the African National Congress and its' leadership.

Action against apartheid in sport

The UN Brasilia report stated that all states should refrain from sports relationships with South Africa.

Inside South Africa

A monthly letter about events in South Africa.

The Sondela Cup

Story about football competitions.


Gamesmanship - South African style.

May Day 1989 Culture Week Soccer Rally Tape I

MayDay Soccer Rally held at Curries Fountain.

May Day 1989 Culture Week Soccer Rally and Students Union Performance Tape III

cultural performaces and speeches to commemorate MayDay held at Students Union, University of Natal.

Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.74 1989
The Cricket Tour: Just Cricket or Just Not Cricket
The Cricket Tour: The Rebels
The Aurora Cricket Club and South African Cricket Since Isolation
Chapter fourteen: Sport and recreation
Chapter twelve: Sport
Chapter fourteen: Sport
Sports boycott: a more agonized viewpoint
Sports boycott: playing the game: some non-racial viewpoints on sport in South Africa
Bowling them over

Donna Symmonds from Barbados in the West Indies is a world cass sports broadcaster. The SABC Invited her to be aguest broadcaster during the one day cricket series between South Africa, Pakistan and the West Indies. She talked toPearl MajoIa


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