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6th Eastern Zone Scout Woodbadge Course

Woodbadge Course

Indian Sporting Club

Sporting Club

Indian Sports Notes....

Newspaper article - Natal still maintains the Premier Position

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool in Verulam

Mitchell Gandhinagar Cricket Club

Cricket Team display at the Tongaat Legacy Foundation 150 Years

Minonette Volleyball Club Jersey

Volleyball Kit

Maidstone Football Club 1958

The Maidstone Football Club affiliated to the Verulam Football Association. Season 1958

Maidstone Football Club

Display of Maidstone Football club in Tongaat

Maidstone Football Club

Football club in Tongaat

Girls Interhouse Athletes Trophy
Sports team

Woodlands High Schools team runners up

Sports team

Students playing soccer at the Woodlands High School

Parshutan Umesh & Budree Reena Devi holding trophy for (1981)

Pupils with trophy

Physical Education

Physical education class in session

School - Children on the playground

Image of students in the ground at school

Athlete from Sastri College

Photograph of an athlete at Sastri College

Sastri College

Athletes of Sastri College

Track and field evnts

Teacher presenting a prize to an athlete.

Track and field event at the Sastri College sports days

Track event at the Sports Day

Track and Field events at Sastri College Sports Day

Sports day


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