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Worker rights and trade union unity in South Africa
Violence and the cross in South Africa today

Journal article containing extracts of an address by Dr Manas Buthelezi at South African Leadership Conference held in July 20, 1979, about violence and the cross in South Africa. Note that the text is barely legible.

These are the last days

Extract from an address delivered in Pietermaritzburg at a meeting of the South African Institute of Race Relations. Note that sections of the document are barely legible.

Where I stand

Reprint in a journal of an Address given to the Pretoria Press Club given by Bishop Desmond Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches.

The South African Reality

Journal article containing a speech presented by Desmond Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, to students at the University of Natal.

Steve Biko: after ten years

Barney Pityana, a close friend and colleague of Steve Biko, was invited to preach this sermon at Notting Hill Methodist Church, London, on the 10th anniversary of Steve Biko's death.

Progressive theological education

Journal article containing a reconstructed address by Frank Chikane, a Minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Chruch, to the Koinonia Conference of Theological Education at the University of the Western Cape in September 1984.

New social relations in Mozambique
Why the Soviet Union is imperialistic
The new Black man in Azania: Black definition of liberation
The Chief M.G. Buthelezi tabulates problems in the factories

Some pages of this article may be illegible due to the quality of the original.

Zimbabwe: Problems and prospects of socialist development
Live the dream now
Another February speech 5 years ago
Sowing non-violent seeds
Frustrated, confused, also happy, caring
World agrees on SA - Slabbert
Trust will be the cornerstone
Beyers Naude honoured by IDASA
The momentum we have built up in struggle should not be lost


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