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Problems of African Labour
The Two faces of Malnutrition
Critical Awareness
These are the Last Days
Some Implications of the 1973 Bannings
Black Consciousness
Nationalists, Liberals and Apartheid
The Removal of Roosboom
"They Aren't Ready for It"
The Faith of a Democratic Liberal
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture
Solidarity as a Means to Peaceful Co-Existence
The Strange Phenomenon
Tribute: Johnstone Johnny Mfanafuthi Makathini
The expresion "Bloody Boer" cannot be without significance

Statement by the Honourable Prime Minister, Comrade R.G. Mugabe, at the opening session of the International Conferenceon children,repression and the law in apartheid South Africa. Harare, 24th september 1987.

Apartheid feeds on blood
Who cannot take sides?

Statement by Mrs Lisbet Palme at the International Conference on children, repression and law in apartheid South Africa, Harare, 24th september, 1987.

Sisulu calls for mass action at CDF
Talk by Sisulu salutes nation


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