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Where I stand

Reprint in a journal of an Address given to the Pretoria Press Club given by Bishop Desmond Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches.

Whither Methodism

This is a speech containing an exctract from an address given at a seminar on Africanisation in Natal. This was transcribed from a tape recording of the address and apology is made for incorect spellings of names, etc.

Who cannot take sides?

Statement by Mrs Lisbet Palme at the International Conference on children, repression and law in apartheid South Africa, Harare, 24th september, 1987.

Why the Soviet Union is imperialistic
Worker rights and trade union unity in South Africa
World agrees on SA - Slabbert
World in development

Extracts from a speech at the closing of the Cultural Congress of Havana.

Writer's agenda: the nineties
You will bite the dust!

Speech delivered by Archbishop Tutu at St Geoge's Cathedral in Cape Town at an inter-faith service convened to replace a banned protest rally to have taken place on the 13th March 1988, at the University of the Western Cape.

Your days are over: the promises of God confronts the State

Sermon delivered by Allan Boesak about Elijah's journey into the wilderness. It was delivered at the St George's Cathedral at Cape Town in March 13, 1988.

Zimbabwe: Problems and prospects of socialist development


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