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Hofmeyr Papers

The papers of J.H.Hofmeyr comprise 67 boxes spanning the years 1891—1950, with the preponderance between 1913 and 1948.

Inventory of the Hofmeyr Papers

Inventory of the Hofmeyr papers

General correspondence and other papers re academic and political career (arranged chronologically) 6 boxes. 1915-1948

Diary 1947 Aug. 22 1948 Nov. 26. Records of
conversations, impressions etc


Hofmeyr Papers 1935 to 1948 - General Correspondence

Hofmeyr Papers 1935 to 1948  Box A1/Aa

Transvaal Schools Speech Contest

R.A.M Salojee - Address

Speeches and sundry essays
Letter from Alan Paton to G J Smale
World in development

Extracts from a speech at the closing of the Cultural Congress of Havana.

Mr Oppenheimer and "Them"

The 1962 Davie Memorial Lecture.

Rhodesia: a new stage in the struggle in Southern Rhodesia

Extract from a transcript of a speech delivered by I B Tabata at Africa Unity House, London about Rhodesia and imperialism.

An Address at the Graduation Ceremony, University of Natal Pietermaritzburg, 1987
Fairbairn Memorial Address
Brief Remarks on Zulu Literature
The University, The Church and the Political Conscience
Albert John Luthuli College
Black Christians Must Liberate Whites
Statement of the United Democratic Front in response to President De Klerk's opening of parliament speech on February 1st 1991

Statement of the United Democratic Front in response to President De Klerk's opening of parliament speech on February 1st 1991

Law and order or terror and disorganization: presidential Address presented at the Black Sash National Conference held at Johannesburg, 1988

Opening Address by National President Mary Burton at National Conference held at Johannesburg on 10 March 1988, discussing: Indigenous history, Rule of Law, People's Justice, End Conscription Campaign, restrictions on political parties and trade unions, Bill of Rights.

Your days are over: the promises of God confronts the State

Sermon delivered by Allan Boesak about Elijah's journey into the wilderness. It was delivered at the St George's Cathedral at Cape Town in March 13, 1988.

You will bite the dust!

Speech delivered by Archbishop Tutu at St Geoge's Cathedral in Cape Town at an inter-faith service convened to replace a banned protest rally to have taken place on the 13th March 1988, at the University of the Western Cape.

June 16: South Africa's Youth Day

Speakers notes for the 12th anniversary of June 16th, 1976. Examines the significance of the day, the enemy reaction, the responsibility of the youth, and the duty of the liberation alliance.


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