South African Plants

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Strychnos Henningsii Umqalothi

uMqalothi leaves which can be dried up and used to treat skin problems.

Strychnos Henninsii: umNonono

Strychonos Henningsii: umNonono fruit can be used to treat nausea, intestinal worms and pains.

Strychnos Decussata: Umkhangele Tree

Umkhangele or Mlahlankosi tree can also be used ti create musical instruments.

Strychnos Decussata:umKhangele

Strychnos Decussata known as umKhangele in isXhosa used with crocodile fat to treat stomach ached.


UmNconjwa fruit found in Natal, Transvaal and Swaziland.

Strychnos Gerradii: Gulagula

Gulagula fruit edible to both animals and humans.

Umkwakwa Fruit

Umkwakwa fruit pulp.

Strychnos Gerradii: umGuluguhla

Strychnos Gerradii: umGuluguhla which is found in Natal.

Umkwakwa Tree

Umkwakwa tree found in Natal, Transvaal Swaziland and Mozambique.

Strychnos Magascariensis: uMkwakwa

Strychonos Madagacariensis: uMkwakwa fruit, found in Natal, Transvaal, Swaziland and Mozambique.

Nuxia Congesta: isiPhofane

Nuxia Congesta: isiPhofane in isiZulu.

Nuxia Congesta: uMkhombeza

Nuxia Congesta known as uMkhombeza in is Xhosa. 

Strychnos Usambarensis:uMdlamalala

Strychnos Usambarensis known as Umdlamalala or uMphathiwenkosi-omnyama. The tree can be found in Natal, Transkei, Swaziland and Mozambique and used for stomach cramps.

Strychonos Spinosa: Umhlala

Strychonos Spinosa:the green monkey. It is called uMlahla oluhlaza in isiXhosa or isiZulu, can be eaten by both humans and animals.

Strychonos Spinosa" Maputaland

Strychonos Spinosa from Maputaland, both can be eaten by both humans and animals.

'Strychnos spinosa': Umhlalakolotshe

Strychonos spinosa also known as Spiny Monkey Orange is called uMhlala/Mhlalakolontshe in isiZulu or isiXhosa. This tree can be found in KwaZulu- Natal and Eastern Cape,can be eaten by both humans and animals.

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